Meet the Team

Established in 2007, Guillotine has established itself as a
pioneering house of design- where craft meets intuition and celebrates the body. Modern, three-dimensional lines and meticulous tailoring infuse the brand’s soft sculptural aesthetic whilst upholding its core values with sustainable practices.

Our limited edition, ready-to-wear collections often collaborate with diverse creatives to transform garments into unique forms of self-expression. From our flagship store to prestigious showcases, Guillotine redefines fashion as a platform for artistic dialogue.

Whether you are new to the Guillotine community or have been journeying alongside us and shaping our story - we want to reintroduce ourselves!

Lisa Jaffe stands at the helm of Guillotine as the creative force behind the brand's visionary designs.

Since 2004, she has been a trailblazer in the fashion industry, showcasing her collections at South African Fashion Week with groundbreaking, collaborative shows that seamlessly blend art and design. Through short films and innovative presentations, Lisa explores the nuances of femininity, challenging perceptions and elevating dressing into performance art.

Her ingenuity extends beyond the runway, with ventures into the fusion of garments and interiors, inflatable apparel, and digital fashion installations. At prestigious events like the Johannesburg Art Fair, she shines, presenting limited-edition collections alongside live performances and installations. Her collaborative spirit has led to partnerships with photographers, musicians, printmakers, artists, and craftsmen, enriching
Guillotine's collections with diverse perspectives. With showcases at renowned
venues like the Design Indaba and galleries such as David Krut and Goodman, Lisa’s
work has garnered widespread acclaim, gracing the pages of magazines, newspapers, and fashion blogs worldwide.

Chifunilo Mabenga, known by most as Chifu, is the very talented assistant production designer and store manager at Guillotine. Her infectious smile brings a sense of immediate belonging when you walk through our doors.

With a background in fashion design, Chifu possesses a keen eye for styling and individual expression making her the go-to person for in store outfit ensembles and wardrobe cleansing.

Beyond her role at Guillotine, she channels her ambition into fashion studies and a deep-rooted belief in spirituality. Whilst offering styling advice and engaging in meaningful conversations in store, Chifu's presence adds extra authenticity to the Guillotine experience.

Sashenka Naicker, is new to our team and works mostly behind-the-scenes in our digital and online spaces. Her passion for online, creative marketing and background in digital fashion marketing have brought her to Guillotine as a digital strategist.

However, you won’t find Sashenka on TikTok, she prefers being behind the camera, using her uncanny vision and sharp instinct to understand Guillotine’s footprint in the digital world.