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Fettle & Frisson

Fettle & Frisson is a modern indie perfumery handcrafting bespoke, plant-
based and epicene fragrances.

The Fettle & Frisson collection of fragrances are a ménage à trois of natural, evocative
and vogue distillates imbued with savoir-faire. Designed as tools of contentment and
intended for an undeniable connection, Fettle & Frisson fragrances offer a poignant
way of stopping time and saying, “Let’s not forget this moment”.

More than olfactory artistry, Fettle & Frisson fragrances are inspired by the relationship
between melody and heartstrings. The art of perfumery - akin to the composition of
music - evokes emotion by blending individual notes to construct chords that culminate in harmonious melodies, and has the power to embed in our collective memories.